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DEC Courses - Hunter Education

Hunter Safety and Bowhunter Education


Safety First!

The Hunter Education Program teaches future hunters and trappers how to be safe, responsible, and ethical. After successful completion of the required homework and in-person course(s), students will receive a certificate of qualification necessary for purchasing a first-time hunting or trapping license or bowhunting privilege.

Hunter Education - Required for first-time hunters using firearm or archery equipment to pursue big game, small game, turkey, waterfowl, and migratory game birds.

Bowhunter Education - Required in addition to the Hunter Education course (above) when using a bow and arrow to pursue deer and bear only (not crossbow). If bowhunting for other wild game, this course is not required but recommended

The Hunter Education Course and Bowhunter Education Course are available at Wescthester Archery.  Click the Register for a NY Hunter Education Course  link or the Register for a NY Bowhunter education Course for classes.


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Hunter Education Course

The NY Hunter Education course (Hunter Safety course) is required to purchase a hunting license in New York. The course covers the necessary safety techniques and responsibilities that a hunter must know when using a gun, muzzleloader, crossbow or bow to pursue wild game.

Additional requirements for bowhunting big game: If hunting deer or bear with a bow, you must also take a Bowhunter Education course.

*Do not wait until just before the hunting season to take a class. Classes fill quickly, so it is important to sign up early.

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Bowhunter Education

The NY Bowhunter Education course is required for hunters who use a bow and arrow to hunt deer or bear. While this course is not required for hunting deer with a crossbow, or for using a bow and arrow to hunt small game or turkey, DEC encourages you to take this course to learn bow and tree stand safety techniques.


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